Video Game Studio Name Generator

Game Studio Name Generator has over a million different random combinations and was created to help generate ideas to name any gaming company (real or fictional).

Your company name is important and even if you don’t need it right away when just staring to develop the game, you can start thinking about it, to find what you are all exited about before you actually need it for legal reasons or just to start posting on social media, or writing to video game websites.

Click the “Generate” button to generate a random game development studio name.

You can select and copy the generated results as usual, as it is no longer uses Unity WebGL.

Game Studio Name Examples

Example Video Game Company Name
Generated VR Game Studio Name

How Video Game Companies Are Named

We first select one of the generation strategies that either combine words into one, for example, ‘half’ + ‘pixel’ becomes ‘Halfpixel’, or just two words like ‘Golden’ + ‘Lizzard’. And then it adds one of the endings like Games, Studios, Interactive, Entertainment or others, that are often used as a part of game dev names.

You are free to use generated names on this page to name anything in any of your works if they aren’t trademarked already, of course.

Please also check out the Game Privacy Policy Generator

If you have any ideas for improvement – please message me by email: contact{at} or using the Contact form. If you know a way to check if the company name was already used before, please also message me, I will try adding this functionality, still showing them, but adding a warning that it may be already in use.

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