Star Name Generator

Star Name Generator allows you to get a random star name and its type for any game or story to be a part of your own star system. You can ignore the type, but it may also have effect on the plot or game mechanics, especially the more rare ones.

Click the ‘Generate’ button to get a new random star name and type.

Our own solar system has only one star, the Sun. But, there are star systems with multiple stars orbiting each other, with them becoming more unstable with more stars there are, and in a triple star system, for example, this may lead to one star even being ejected.
Triple Star System
But there are actually known star systems with up to seven stars in them, like Nu Scorpii.


Yellow Dwarf Generated Name & Type - Viaris
Red Dwarf Generated Star - Trir

How Random Stars Are Generated

Star Types

Red dwarfs take up more than 76% of all the stars in space within 15 light years of the Sun and all the dwarf types together over 99%. So, of course, I generate rarer, but at the same time more interesting, star types a lot more often than they naturally occur. For example, the Class O stars are only one in 10 million stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

I think existing and theoretically possible star types can significantly affect the story or may influence gameplay. For example, Magnetars are collapsed stars with extremely high density: stars 10-25 bigger than the Sun become just 20 kilometers in diameter, which is smaller than some cities. They also have strong magnetic fields and rotate fully ten times every minute. You can read more about each type if you click on it.

Illustration of different neutron star types and their properties

Types colors are not accurate for the actual stars of that class, and it isn't even possible for some of them because it can be a Hypergiant, for example, but it is not specified if it is a yellow hypergiant or not.
By the way, even compared to Sun - hypergiant stars can be enormous.
Sun and Hypergiant Size Comparison

Star Names

Names for these heavenly bodies are composed of different combinations of vowels and consonants with different probabilities. So something like C+o+m+u+ls or A+lt+ai+r can be generated.

Random Star Name Ideas

Here are some of the made up star names I've generated myself. Some of them may be useful as ideas for Star Wars or Star Trek worlds:

  • Lem
  • Geon
  • Phuth
  • Abudree
  • Qafu
  • Ceth
  • Zejin
  • Pir
  • Strinairs
  • Ibe
  • Limex
  • Zif
  • Phebas
  • Docceph
  • Xochut
  • Finos
  • Trejic
  • Duft
  • Mueps
  • Ahistru
  • Zupham
  • Xeen
  • Toqap
  • Voix
  • Sioph
  • Strish
  • Dakro
  • Noct

You can also use the Planet Generator to fill your star system with planets or other celestial bodies and get a complete planetary system.

You are free to use generated star names in any way for your own works.
If you would like to use this generator in your procedural game or have any ideas for improvement – please send me an email: contact{at}

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