Game Privacy Policy Generator

Game Privacy Policy Generator allows you to generate free Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for your mobile Android, iOS games.

Privacy policy is required by both Google Play and AppStore.
Here is the snippet from the iOS AppStore Review Guidelines:

iOS AppStore Review Guidelines related to Privacy Policy

Depending on permissions and data collection you will also need to add privacy policy to the Google Play store listing (this includes third party services you use). If you are using AdMob, your account may get suspended if you do not have a privacy policy.

Privacy Policy is generated based on the template and your input. You can also add links to other third-party services like Firebase, Fabric, Appodeal and others.

This is a slightly modified version of the Policy Generator for apps.

To help you with naming, I've also created tools to generate random game names and game development company names.

You are free to use generated Privacy policy and T&C on this page for any of your works in any way.
If you have any ideas for improvement – please message by email: contact{at} or using the Contact form

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