Linker [Ludum Dare 30]

game jam screenshot 1
game jam screenshot 2
Linker is a game made for Ludum Dare 30 where you connect Crystals of Light to create barriers and protect your memories. Some call it a tower defense, but mostly it is a puzzle game.

After the great reception we got from the Ludum Dare community (we placed #35 in the overall category out of over 1000 participants with a high average rating), and also all the requests we got to port it to mobile, we decided to try and turn it into a full game.

And so we implemented new mechanics: moving crystals and portals, we added a lot of new levels and took the story of Linker from a few sentences to hiring a scriptwriter. We also changed the name to Lintrix because Linker is not a very searchable one, and there were already a couple of games named this way.

But the process wasn’t as quick as we hoped, we still had full-time jobs and the development process took almost two years to release both paid and free versions of the game.

You can play Linker here, or check out the full version – Lintrix
You can also find other game jam games we made here: GameJolt

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