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There is a community-supported calendar that contains a huge number of current and upcoming game jams I will show you, but first let’s go over when the biggest game jams, like Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam, take place.

Biggest Game Jams Dates

LudumDare started as four times in a year jam (with other smaller events happening a few times as well) and with time changed to a two times a year event: in April and October.

The months when they happen are set, but the dates can change a bit, so it is better to check on the official website in the “Coming Up” section, but most often happens on the third weekend of the month.

Global Game Jam, on the other hand, happens once a year, mostly on the last weekend of January in physical locations. Exact GJJ dates can be seen here.

Game Jam Calendar

Here is the game jam calendar maintained by the community at

You can change the date to see future game jams, and also click on any of them to see the description with an URL of where you can join each one.

This calendar is filled by users and sometimes may be missing the big current or upcoming events and its easy to be lost without an ability to filter or sort. 

If you would like to find a reasonably sizable game jam, but excluding the ones that are hosted on their own websites like LDJam or GGJ – look at the list of upcoming game jams, sorted by ‘most joined’ or less ordered, but in a form of a calendar – here.

Game Jam Calendar Screenshot

With so many game jams happening at once you can probably participate in multiple ones at a time.

If you noticed that something on this page broke, have any ideas for improvement or automation of the game jam calendar – please email me: contact{at}

While choosing a game jam to join, please also check out tips and tools when participating in game jams.

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