Game Idea Generator

Game Idea Generator allows you to get a random prompt to help spark new game ideas for video games (maybe even board games) or challenge yourself in some way.
It has over a million different combinations, so you are sure to come up with something unique. You may use just a few of the generated prompts, for example, ignoring the Theme.

Click “Generate” to get a random combination of genre, rule, setting, and theme.


Random Game Idea Example
Generated Game Idea Example

Most rules and settings will fit a board game, but because genres are primarily for video games, it will be an extra limitation, but a MOBA or Fighting board game can be really interesting (or, for example, what would be a Rhythm board game?).

How It Works:
When you click generate you get a new random genre, rule, setting, and a theme to help trigger new game ideas.
– You will get one or two game genres at a time. You can ignore the second one, but a mashup of genres can be really interesting. For example, “Sandbox x Racing” or “City Builder x Match 3”, or something more standard for indie games, like Card Game x RPG, or Horror Platformer.
– Rule is some kind of extra creative limitation, most often to gameplay. For example, a rule may be generated as “A Single Resource” or “You Are The Final Boss”.
– Theme is the main idea for the game’s story, what it might be centered around, like “Rivalry” or maybe “Immortality”.
– And finally, Setting is the backdrop where the game takes place. So, something like “Medieval” or “Steampunk”.

You are free to use generated prompts in any way for your own works.
I’m very curious to see amazing game ideas you come up with, so please share them in the comments below.

If you have any ideas for improvement – please message me via email: contact{at}

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