Game Genre Generator

Game Genre Generator allows to generate thousands of random video game genre mashups that can be used to spark new game ideas or pick something to play.

Click “Generate” to get a random combination of genres.

You can select and copy the generated results as usual, as it is no longer uses Unity WebGL.


Video Game Genre Combination Example
Game Genre Mashup Example

How it works: it’s pretty simple – first, the number of genres is picked randomly, and then each slot is filled, avoiding duplicates.

The list doesn’t include settings (like science fiction or fantasy) and instead is about different gameplay interactions. The list includes over 70 genres and subgenres like Tower Defence, Roguelike, Bullet Hell and is regularly updated.

You are free to use generated genres in any way for your own works.

If you have any ideas for improvement – please message me via email: contact{at} or using the Contact form.

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