Best Game Development Tools & Resources

Here is the list of top game development tools & resources we’ve used on our projects and would totally recommend.

Best Tools

Unity Plugins

Console Enhanced

There are times when you spend hours debugging in the console and in those dark moments I really appreciate what Console Enhanced gives me: Filters, Custom columns, Multiselect and call stack navigation. There is also a free version


Makes line drawing as simple as it should be.

We’ve used Vectrosity for Lintrix, and I’ve also used it in numerous prototypes since then, and it is really powerful. Who would have thought it would be so hard to draw a line in Unity without it.


I think it is still better than Unity’s uGUI, you have more control and there are more things out of the box. Plus, NGUI comes with tweening bundled in which helps add more juice to your game.

I’ve done a lot of prototyping using it and also have used it for UI heavy stuff. NGUI is the first asset I add to every project.

Anti-Cheat Toolkit 

This one allows you to hide variables in memory by just changing the type from int to ObscuredInt for example. It also has an Encrypted PlayerPrefs, so you can protect your save data and what not. Super fast & simple to integrate.


Obfuscation may seem like too much work, but this plugin really does a great job out of the box, and also provides extensive customization if needed.

It even helps with il2cpp builds as it still hides class and method names, which people could see and inject something there otherwise.

Empty Folder Cleaner [free]

We are always using Git as a version control of choice, and there was a constant frustration where if you put something new (a plugin for example) to test it out and it adds new folders to a bunch of places, you then can easily discard all the files from all the places, but empty folders will not be deleted. And then Unity creates .meta files for each folder. You discard meta files – they appear again after you focus on Unity again.

The only way is to remove all the empty folders. And so this plugin is the simplest way we found to keep the repo clean automatically.

Best Resources


• [Video] Juice it or Lose it
• [Video] The art of screen shake 
• [Video] Why Your Death Animation Sucks
• [Book] Game Feel

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