Hi, my name is Stas. I have a great passion for games and it seems being a full-time game developer is not enough – I also make games in my spare time, study game design and participate in a bunch of game jams.

Not too long ago I was just starting out, learning how to make games and would like to share the things I’ve learned and still learn every day developing games, some tips and maybe tutorials on how to go about doing certain things.

Blog’s name – “Let’s Make a Game” comes from the idea that you need to start, finish and publish one game first (maybe start with game jams and then go on to the full games) and not make a lot of tiny things that you are not willing to share with anyone.

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You can get in touch here or on Twitter.

Current projects

Lintrix (in development)

Lintrix – an Action-Puzzle Defense game for mobile about creating barriers between crystals to defend shards of your memory, but one crystal can sustain only one barrier and barriers cannot intersect.

John Diver (on hold)

John Diver Game
John Diver – an Action game for mobile about upgrading your submarine and going deeper every time in the searches of reaches and information about your long lost Father.

Game Jams

Over the past couple of years, I’ve also participated in over 10 game jams. Here are some of them:



NGHGM is a game where you build motherboards using different components, earn money, upgrade and grow your wealth


#gamedev (PLAY)

This was the game I made for the Meatly Jam, with a theme “game developers life”, that I actually won. This is a match-3 game where you collect tiles of a different color to increase your skills, work more to get a better salary or finally complete your game. But each tile is an hour of your time and you only have set amount of hours per week, so you need to choose what to spend your time on.

Forge Craft

Forge Craft (PLAY)

It is a Time management game about a person that wants to go on his own adventures but for that he needs a decent gear so he opens a blacksmith and improves his skills to make the legendary equipment to fulfill his dreams.


Linker (PLAY)

This is the game jam version of the Lintrix, that got in top ~1% of the Ludum Dare 30. It had a lot of great comments and had some press coverage so we decided to make a full version.

Dream Ticket

Dream Ticket (PLAY)

This game is a turn-based clicker-like where your dream is to get to space. You need a lot of money for that, so you start to work as hard as you can to reach your goal as fast as possible becoming criminal and getting a PhD at the same time.

One Minute Hero

One Minute Hero (PLAY)

One of my first game jams, it is a turn-based roguelike, but the twist is that you have just one real-time minute to reach floor 60, adding a little bit more time for each floor you completed. It has a couple of abilities that you pick at the start of the game, that change how you play.

If you’re interested in more game jam games I’ve made – here are some more: http://gamejolt.com/profile/thebrenor/355094/games

Boardgames: http://ludumdare.com/compo/author/stalsbg/